Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Japan?

Why Japan? In the last 15 years of my association with the country, almost everybody I meet and tell that i work in Japan invariably asks me this question at least once. (well, sometimes they don't seem pretty convinced with the answer and end up with more questions) After all, there are much better places/countries to work in. How about the language? Isn't it almost impossible to learn the language. How do you manage to remember all those Kanjis (pictoral script). Isn't it tough working with people who have work on their mind all the time..such workaholics.........and the list of questions is endless.

I am sure you can understand that it has not been an easy job for me convincing people, especially close friends and relatives as to why I chose Japan and not US, Australia, etc - the much sought after destinations for working/living. It is not that I need to or I have is just that sometimes i feel like make them understand that Japan has a lot more to it than just the "all work" attitude, Kanjis and Manga and yes, Geisha.I will not deny the fact that I had a pretty hard time convincing myself in the beginning :) ...and after all these years, I still have a kind of love and hate relationship with the country. But of course, after this long association with the country, i am "to an extent" able to understand the "why" behind so many things that I failed to understand initially.

This blog of mine is an effort to share with you all that I have experienced, felt and understood of the country and it's people. This will be an evolving will be a journey that I take with we together explore the land of the rising sun.

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