Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a dog's life - and what a life it is..

Going to Japan being my first ever trip abroad, I remember being shocked and amazed when I saw this little dog, wearing a very smart pink dress, with matching clips in its "hair" being pushed in what I thought was a "baby pram" by an elderly lady. It actually took me some time to believe what I saw that day. I had never seen something like that ever before :)

That is not a baby pram my dear, said my is a "dog pram" and it is very common in Japan. Don't be surprised when you see people carrying their dogs in their arms in shopping malls, in trains, and everywhere else...and see, I did.....and wondered..."wow"....these dogs have some life out here...I came to understand later that this is very common in other parts of the world as well? but for me, coming from India, where though pets do get a lot of love and affection from their owners, never ever get to live the more 'privileged" life that their counterparts in Japan get to enjoy :D

Dogs, dressed up in smart clothes (I saw one wearing denim shots and jacket :)) are a common sight out here. Shopping malls have dedicated corners, where you get all kinds of pet stuff, that includes 'designer' clothes, accessories, prams, cots, toys and everything and anything you can imagine buying for your "toddler" :) There are dog saloons, where you can get your pet all kinds of haircuts/hairstyles. They have "pet spas", pet restaurants', pet creche, and a pet washing machine too. It is supposed to guarantee to turn the pongiest pooch into the cuddliest of canines within minutes. A wash, spin and blow dry costs just under 1500 Yen a time.

The demand for "pet-friendly" homes in Japan is on the rise.
Pets, specially dogs, in Japan are not seen as "home-guards", as the country's crime(theft) rates are almost nil. They are most often seen as companions who enjoy a status almost equal to the kids in the household. Pets are even sent to schools to learn "pet manner" and the usual animal tricks. What else can your pet ask for?

Almost every time I see a dog like that, I cannot help thinking (being an Indian and believer in the concept of Karma and re-birth) - these guys must have done something really great in their past lives to enjoy a lifestyle that they do out here :)

A dog is a man's best friend. Here in Japan, it seems like man has also proved to be a dog's best friend :)

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